La version mobile arrive très prochainement ! En attendant, rendez-vous sur desktop pour découvrir la première collection de Seconde Main.

The mobile version is coming very soon! In the meantime, go to desktop to discover the first collection of Seconde Main.



This first collection is an introduction for Seconde Main.
We wanted it to be timeless, sweet and sunny.
Somewhere between custom-made and ready-to-wear, we invite you to play the game of creation by combining these unique pieces in your own way.

Our essentials


We chose to begin this artisanal adventure with handmade crochet. Highlighting these colorful pieces with delicate white openworks naturally creates audacious and matching outfits.

Our shorts and pants highlight your shape with elegance but no constraint. Our classical shirts and blouses can also be worn oversized and open for a nonchalent attitude revealing our lingerie-style little crochet tops.

With sandals, heels, sneakers or barefoot, you can wear the Seconde Main total look or combined our pieces with your everyday wardrobe. They will make your summer comfortable, sexy and unlike any other. If you are lucky enough to live in the sun you will never leave them.

Otherwise we invite you to store your clothes carefully in their custom-made recycled packagings.
When taking them out the following year, you will bring back all your memories from the past summer, ready to live new ones.